Actor Ahsan Khan invited Lollywood A-lister Saba Qamar as a guest for his Youtube session ‘Lo Kar Lo Baat’. As the two actors drove around, discussing various topics, Saba hilariously revealed she would have married Ahsan had he not been committed to someone else.

Ahsan asked the ‘Kamli’ star which actor she would have married had he not been committed, after which the actress cheekily pointed to him.

Saba then revealed that she had a crush on the ‘Udaari’ actor before she became a big star.


“Back when I wasn’t an actress, I managed to swipe Ahsan Khan’s number from somewhere and I would send him missed calls and messages. Just to tell him that one day I will work with him.”

“And the day I began working with Ahsan,” Saba recalled while laughing, “You started a fight with me after which I hated you. I cried a lot but I forgive you now.”

Ahsan apologised for the fight, and joked that he had fights with all of the actresses with whom he had good chemistry on screen. Saba then said that after their fight, she began understanding him and fell even more in love. But by the time she would have confessed her feelings, Ahsan got married.

Ahsan said he was shocked, and thought Saba wanted to remain an independent woman to which the actress laughingly said “When girls say ‘No I won’t get married’, it actually means they want to!”