Prime Minister Imran Khan, while giving an interview to BBC, said that it was likely that Afghanistan could descend into a civil war if the Taliban fail to form an inclusive government.

“If they do not include all the factions, sooner or later they will have a civil war,” said PM Khan. “That would mean an unstable, chaotic Afghanistan and an ideal place for terrorists. That is a worry.”

Speaking on women and their education, PM Khan stated that the girls of Afghanistan would soon be able to attend schools. He said preventing women from acquiring education in Afghanistan would be un-Islamic.


“If anyone has any idea of what our religion was, it was a liberation of women, and so whenever the idea that women should not get educated, it’s just not Islamic. It might have been some rural culture in Afghanistan but it has nothing to do with religion,” said PM Khan.

“The statements they have made since they assumed power, I mean it’s very encouraging,” said the premier. “They have said they will give education to women and allow them to work. They have said they will give amnesty. The soil will not be used for terrorism by anyone.”

PM Khan reiterated that the statements made by the Taliban were encouraging but where they go from here is unknown to all.

“What they [Taliban] do from now onwards, we can only hope to persuade them and encourage them, incentivise them in that direction. But you know sitting today, what happens, where they will go, I’m afraid, I don’t know,” says PM Khan.

“Afghan are strong people, their women are very strong, give them time and they will assert their rights,” said the premier.