‘Gunah’ was a long-awaited drama, hailed by critics and fans of Sarmad Khoosat alike. Featuring powerful performances by Saba Qamar, Rabia Butt and Juggun Kazim in her comeback debut, the series revolved around the sudden disappearance of Gul Noor (played by Kazzim), who leaves her two children and husband, the powerful landlord Malik Hayat Khan (played by Khoosat) in agony. To help him deal with his grief, his in-laws suggest he marry their younger daughter Gul Meher (played by Saba Qamar). But when a new SHO Sabiha (played by Rabia Butt) begins investigating the disappearance, the clues she picks up prove that there is a lot more to the story than what she has been told.

As the drama ends today with the final episode airing on Express TV, we know how disappointed fans will be with one more spectacular television show coming to an end. But if your ‘Gunah’ nostalgia is going to hit a bit too hard, there have been some well-written crime-thriller dramas that you could rewatch this weekend. Here are some of our best recommendations.

  1. Jurm

Starring the starry-eyed Wahaj Ali with Dur-e-Fishaan Saleem and Tooba Siddiqui in a supporting role, this is the kind of dark, chaotic drama that keeps you hooked through the twists and turns, and completely blows your mind away with the ending. The casting is absolutely well-chosen, with Wahaj playing the humble and warm-hearted husband Daniyal who is grieving the sudden kidnapping of his wife, but a twist later reveals he is not who he appears to be. What more do you need to pull you in to watching the drama than the fact that it was directed by Mehreen Jabbar, who was behind ‘Daam’ and ‘Jackson Heights’?


  1. Ye Dil Mera

If you are chronically online then you must have seen on several occasions how this drama was consistently mentioned as the rare, few occasions the Pakistani entertainment industry managed to hit it out of the park. We have to agree with Twitter that its true, this drama lives up to its hype with a gripping storyline, as well as powerful performances by Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir. Sajal stars as Aina, the sheltered daughter of an industrialist who bags a coveted internship with Aman-Ullah Khan. As the two grow closer together, the trauma Aman suffered in his childhood and its link to someone special in Aina’s life threatens to tear apart their relationship.

  1. Cheekh

If you’re not over Saba Qamar’s dizzying, seductive performance in ‘Gunah’ then we can’t blame you because neither are we. She could walk in a room dressed as a sack and will manage to outshine everyone. If you’re looking for more of her capitivating performances, then we recommend you watch ‘Cheekh’ starring Bilal Abbas Khan, Emmad Irfani and Ushna Shah. After the brutal murder and rape of her closest friend, Mannat (played by Qamar) pursues the murderer through court and explores the struggles she must overcome to ensure her friend is given justice.