Pakistani actor Iffat Omar delivered a powerful message aimed at those who judge her based on her clothing choices. Known for her outspoken nature on various societal issues, Omar did not shy away from addressing the criticism directed towards her attire.

Recently, Iffat Omar appeared on a podcast called ‘The Youth Wave’. She had a strong message for people who criticize how she dresses. “That is the main reason why I am so disliked by the people, especially the boys club which says, ‘Do takkay ki Orat and Talaq Yafta Orat, why you wear short clothes, don’t you feel ashamed?’ because I call them out and do what I want to do. I call out everyone including establishment. I do what I feel is right. Also, wearing my choice of dresses is my personal matter and it is between me an Allah, who are you to say anything to me”.