Iffat Omar has promised to get 10 people vaccinated after jumping queue to get vaccinated herself at Federal Minister for Housing and Works Tariq Bashir Cheema’s residence in Lahore. The model-turned-actor also admitted her fault and apologised for her actions after receiving a barrage of criticism and backlash.

Responding to a social media user, Omar said that not only will she forgo the second dose, but she will also get 10 people vaccinated.

When the user told her why he was angry over her actions, Omar said: “I regret and [am] really ashamed but I will fix it.”


“Please accept my forgiveness,” she added.

The model further made her intentions clear by responding to other users and asserting that she will get 10 deserving people vaccinated against the virus.

Omar had come in the line of fire after a video of hers receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at Cheema’s residence went viral on social media with netizens accusing her of jumping the queue to get vaccinated when more deserving citizens still have to wait. At the time, only those aged 60 and above could avail the free vaccine under the government drive, while those aged 50 could get registered for a shot and there was no commercially available vaccine against the coronavirus in Pakistan.

The minister had initially denied accusations of jumping queue and claimed that a team from the University of Health Sciences (UHS) had arrived at his residence to administer a ‘booster shot’ of a ‘trial vaccine’.

The minister said the same team had earlier administered the first dose of the trial vaccine to his family at their residence.

Meanwhile, Omar at that time had told people to “take it easy”.

In a now-deleted tweet, the model had said that she received a booster shot of the Chinese vaccine CanSino. However, Pakistani Twitterati had called her out on the claim, pointing out that CanSino was a single-dose vaccine and does not require a booster shot.