The Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD) of Punjab has recently released a notification that prohibits government departments from organising Iftar parties.

According to The News, the reason behind this move is the economic crisis faced by the country, and therefore, the government has advised against giving expensive gifts to departmental delegations during Ramzan. The notification, however, exempts diplomats and foreign guests from these bans.

The notification highlights the significance of simplicity during the holy month and emphasizes the government’s commitment to celebrate it simply. It is essential to recognise Pakistan’s current economic circumstances and avoid hosting costly Iftar celebrations that might put a strain on the country’s financial resources.


As a result, all government offices have been advised to follow these guidelines and avoid preparing lavish presents for local delegates. The administration acknowledges the importance of observing Ramzan in a more simple and conscientious manner that is consistent with the country’s economic position.


This move by the Punjab government demonstrates a responsible and prudent approach towards managing the country’s resources during these challenging times. By promoting modest celebrations during Ramzan, the government aims to set an example for citizens and encourage them to prioritise their spending wisely.

Furthermore, exempting foreign guests and diplomats from the ban ensures that Pakistan’s image remains positive while still taking necessary measures to address economic challenges.