The Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) has retrieved more than 3,500 acres of property worth Rs23 billion from illegal occupants, along with Rs650 million in rent arrears.

This was revealed during the press conference alongside the ETPB chairman by Dr Shoaib Suddle, the chairman of the One Man Commission, according to The News. He claimed that in accordance with the Supreme Court’s instructions, a forensic audit of the trust board was carried out. Based on the audit’s findings, a plan of action was decided with the help of the ETPB and FIA.

He said that the department’s revenue will increase as a result of the chairman board’s use of contemporary systems including the online billing system, complaints, geo-tagging, and e-office.



The department had disposed of valuable trust land/property worth billions of rupees with the aid of FIA, the biggest undertaking in the board’s history to date, the ETPB chairman told the media representatives.

In response to a query, he stated that various review sessions are held with the Trust Board and the FIA in accordance with the directives of the One-Man Commission, during which the action plan is formally implemented. Temples and Gurdwaras that are still in use have been renovated, and security measures have been improved.