In the wake of the completion of its current loan programme, Pakistan is poised to sign a new loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), reports indicate. 

The forthcoming Extended Fund Facility programme, anticipated to span three years, will see Islamabad share budget proposals for FY 2024–25 with the IMF. 

Sources suggest that before finalising the agreement, Pakistan will provide assurances to the IMF regarding further increases in electricity and gas prices, as well as a commitment to reduce subsidies. 


Finance ministry sources have disclosed that the conditions for the new loan programme are expected to be more stringent compared to the current Standby Agreement (SBA) programme. 

Earlier discussions hinted at Pakistan securing another loan package from the IMF following the conclusion of the ongoing standby agreement. 

The caretaker government has commenced consultations for the upcoming IMF programme, with talks expected to commence this month. 

Officials from the finance ministry have indicated that the measures initiated by the caretaker government will be continued by the elected government in discussions with the IMF.