Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently discussed the country’s energy sector losses and efforts to reduce circular debt during a virtual meeting. The government is committed to adjusting fuel prices and quarterly tariffs to eliminate circular debt accumulation.

According to The News, a new plan called the Circular Debt Management Plan (CDMP) was shared with the IMF. This plan involves revising fuel price adjustments and quarterly tariffs upward to counter circular debt growth. The IMF expressed concerns about the plan’s sustainability due to slower recoveries.

The government was advised to create an effective strategy to tackle this issue. The meeting took place virtually on a technical level. The newly appointed Finance Minister, Dr Shamshad Akhtar, is expected to hold a virtual meeting with the IMF team soon.


The IMF’s first review is scheduled for October or November and will be based on economic data from the initial quarter (July–September) of the current fiscal year.

Pakistan and the IMF signed a $3 billion bailout package under the Standby Arrangement in July 2023. Pakistan has already received $1.2 billion, with two more reviews planned to release the remaining $1.8 billion by March or April 2024.