In the midst of extensive protests regarding soaring electricity charges, the interim government has reportedly devised a strategy aimed at alleviating the financial burden on electricity consumers in the country.  

According to Geo News, the interim government is preparing a relief package that will grant up to Rs3,000 in relief to customers who use up to 300 units of electricity in their October bills. Furthermore, those facing electricity bills between Rs60,000 and Rs70,000 stand to benefit from a significant reduction of Rs13,000. 

Simultaneously, discussions between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the interim government are ongoing, focusing on providing relief to electricity consumers. 


In a separate report by The News, it’s revealed that the IMF, headquartered in Washington, has requested additional data from the Power Division to inform its decision regarding various proposals to address the impact of high bills in August and September. 

“We have shared the required data with the Fund people hoping that IMF may today (Monday) come up with its response with a yes or no to the assertions of the Finance and Power Divisions, seeking permission for relief to inflation-stricken people in electricity bills,” shared sources involved in discussions with the IMF. 

Currently, officials from both the Power and Finance divisions are engaged in intensive discussions with IMF representatives, considering the data associated with proposed measures to alleviate power tariffs and their potential effects on circular debt, cash flow, and potential delays in Independent Power Producers (IPPs) payments, ensuring the stability of the power sector. 

In response to continuous protests by citizens and traders against soaring power bills and added taxes, the government is actively seeking to convince the global lender to grant immediate relief to electricity consumers in a nation already grappling with severe inflation.