Did we miss anything that happened this weekend? Was it something really big? *chuckles nervously*

It turns out kay chahe mulk mein dollar khatam ho jaain, petrol na ho aur choola bhee na jallay, Lahore phir bhee Lahore hai. If Lahoris want coffee, then they will get coffee.

Canadian cafe chain Tim Hortons should allow business students to study their launch in Pakistan because in the midst of an economic recession, they launched their coffee shop at phase 6 in DHA.


As it turned out, Lahoris decided to take their hospitality to the fifth gear and welcomed the new chain with a long line outside its doors. Throngs of customers waited for four hours to get a taste.

What do the rest of us struggling with the prices of onions and petrol do in these times without tasting French Vanilla coffee? Laugh at hilarious memes on Twitter.

Seriously tho


But chalo yaar it was for coffee, let it slide pls pls

But in the end, Lahoris know how to have fun. Just pray it doesn’t involve a Rs 700 cup of coffee.