Despite hardship and violence, Palestinians keep proving their hearts are as big as the sea. As videos go viral of displaced civilians forced to leave behind their homes and belongings during the Israeli airstrikes, one thing remains consistent: the Palestinians will never leave behind their pets.

Several videos show Palestinians living in refugee camps and surviving with meagre rations, but still doing everything to provide for the cats and dogs being left behind. An animal rescuer by the name of Salula Animal Rescue has been going viral on Twitter, with the platform applauding him for providing shelter and food to the cats whose owners did not survive or who got lost.

In several videos, he can be seen housing injured animals found under the rubble of bombed homes.


In many other videos, Gazan children can be seen cuddling their cats as they take them along to escape the bombing by Israeli airstrikes.

A man from Gaza went viral when he was seen taking his cat along with him to escape Northern Gaza.

At a time when many experts have compared what is happening in Gaza to hell, Palestinians keep on proving they have bravery and resilience in spades.