Indian journalist Arnab Goswami found himself in an awkward position on Thursday after he accidentally referred to Bollywood actor and former porn star Sunny Leone instead of actor-turned-politician Sunny Deol on live TV.

The blunder came during the ongoing heat of 2019 Indian general election counting on his channel. With the video of the incident going viral, it provided a moment of laughs in the heat of the counting day.



His exact words were:

“Sunny Leone… Sunny Deol is leading from Gurdaspur.”

As social media went crazy over the blunder, Leone tweeted:

Earlier, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Deol made his debut with a bang, having cornered over 54 per cent of the votes polled in his constituency so far.

Narendra Modi’s BJP is now leading in 300 constituencies, according to result trends. The main opposition party, Indian National Congress (INC), on the other hand, is leading in 50 constituencies.

No seats have officially been declared, but if the trends turn into concrete results, it would mean a thumping win for Modi — and defy many pre-election predictions that it would be a tight race.