A Karnataka state government college in India has banned the hijab and saffron scarves over rising tension fears.

Last month, a section of the Hindu right-wing group appeared wearing saffron scarves and threatened their Muslim female class fellows not to wear the hijab during classes.


The college principal said, “The officials were part of the meeting and it was decided that Hindu students will not sport saffron scarves and Muslim girl students will not wear hijabs but they can wear a shawl to cover their heads. If anyone violates the rule, they would be dismissed from the college.”

Muslim students make a quarter of the total of 850 students enrolled in the degree college.

The state secretary of Campus Front of India student group, Syed Sarfaraz Gangavathi appreciated the decision which took by the college authorities by saying, “The Constitution allows the wearing of hijab or saffron shawls but it should not be instigated by anyone or politically motivated.”

According to the principal, the same issue rose up in 2018 as well when the authorities had barred Muslim female students from wearing hijab though for the past few days they started wearing the hijab again.

In recent times, hatred has been fueling around in educational institutions over the religious freedom of the minorities under the current ruling government in India.