An Indian couple has been accused of selling their 8-month-old son in order to purchase an iPhone for creating Instagram reels.

The couple, residents of North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal, were also accused of attempting to sell their seven-year-old daughter. Police have rescued the baby and arrested the mother and the buyer of the infant.

The father, Jaydev, is believed to be in police custody, despite some conflicting reports suggesting he is still at large. A local councilor has been quoted by Indian media as saying, “After selling the boy, Jaydev also tried to sell the girl on Saturday midnight. We informed the police. Police have arrested Jaydev.”


Initially, it was reported that the couple had sold the baby to buy alcohol. Locals described frequent episodes of intoxication and quarrels within the family and with neighbors.

The incident was uncovered on Saturday, July 22, when neighbors noticed the financially struggling couple’s sudden acquisition of an iPhone and the coinciding disappearance of their baby. Initially, the couple claimed the child was with a relative, but suspicions from the neighborhood led to police involvement.

Upon police interrogation, the mother confessed to selling the baby and using the money to travel around West Bengal, creating Instagram reels. Subsequently, the police managed to rescue the baby from a woman named Priyanka Ghosh in the Khardaha area.