Indian media has confirmed that the vice-captain of the cricket team Hardik Pandya and his wife and Serbian actress Natasa Stankovic have divorced.

According to Indian media websites ‘Cricket One’ and ‘Film Mantra Media’, Hardik and his wife have divorced, as a result of which 70 percent of the cricketer’s property will now be transferred to Natasa.

Cricket One has claimed that fresh reports about the couple have revealed that Pandya and his Serbian wife have officially separated after divorcing each other.


On the other hand, ‘Odisha’ claims that Hardik made the decision to pursue divorce.

During the last week, there were several rumors about the separation between Pandya and Natasa.

The rumors of separation between the pair were sparked when Natasa removed Hardik’s name from her Instagram account bio.

Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic got married on May 31, 2020 and have an almost 4-year-old son.