Married couple Muhammad Singh Yadav from India and Iqra Jeewani from Pakistan were both arrested in Bangalore for forging fake documents and citizenship cards to help Jeewani stay in the country.
Yadav (21) was working as a security guard at an IT organization in Bangalore, while Jeewani was a student from Hyderabad, Pakistan. Both met in 2020 while playing the online game Ludo where they fell in love, and then were in a long distance relationship.
However during this time, Jeewani was being pressurized by her parents to get married, but the two of them knew that given the political tensions between India and Pakistan, they won’t be able to be together.
Both Jeewani and Yadav decided to travel to Nepal together where they got married in a Hindu ceremony, according to the police.
In order to help Jeewani stay in India with proper documents, Yadav got her a fake Indian citizenship card so that she may stay with him in Bangalore.
The police informed BBC that they had traced the couple after Jeewani made a lot of calls during the day to her mother in Pakistan. After further investigation, Jeewani was declared guilty and handed over to the Foreigners Regional Registration Office on 20 January. She was deported back to Pakistan in February while Yadav is still in jail.
The BBC got in touch with Yadav’s family, who said that the couple had committed no crime, but had only fallen in love.
“We don’t care if she’s Muslim or Pakistani, she’s our daughter-in-law. We’ll take good care of her,” said Yadav’s mother.
Meanwhile, Jeewani’s family had confirmed that their daughter had reached home, but refused to speak further on the matter.