According to Samaa news, law enforcement agencies have apprehended a man alleged to be an Indian spy along with a Pakistani facilitator in Karachi.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) City, Arif Aziz has said that the detained is identified as Akhil Dev and has been accused of having been working undercover for India.

The operation was carried under the jurisdiction of the Kalakot police station in Lyari. Resultantly, incriminating evidence has been retrieved including two Indian passports, firearms, and foreign currency totaling five lakhs among other items. In addition, fake jewellery boxes, six mobile phones, one tablet, and various documents were also recovered from the suspects.


SSP Arif Aziz stated that this arrest is a proof of rigour and commitment of Pakistani law enforcement agencies to protect national security.

He also confirmed that investigations are underway to capture any potential aide linked to the accused.