Instagram announced on its Twitter account that an outage that started on Monday morning has been fixed.

Instagram locked users out during the downtime and informed many of them that their accounts will be suspended on October 31, 2022. Due to a bug, numerous accounts with massive followings lost a considerable portion of their followers.

The majority of reports of the problem appeared to come from iPhone users, with some claiming that their app recently crashed and became unusable prior to an update earlier this morning.


“We’ve resolved this bug now — it was causing people in different parts of the world to have issues accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change for some in number of followers,” Instagram wrote. “Sorry!” The platform first confirmed the issue on Twitter at 10:14 AM ET but didn’t say things were resolved until many hours later at 6 PM ET. Adam Mosseri, who heads up Instagram, also apologized for the outage.

Around the time Instagram acknowledged the problem, reports on Downdetector reached over 7,000, although they have levelled off since then.

Around 10:15 AM ET, a quick glance at Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram account revealed that, although it still had 493 million followers the day before, it appeared to have lost 3 million of those. However, the figure has now risen to 493 million. More than a million fewer people were using Instagram’s main account.