Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has announced the launch of the e-passport system by June 2021. The minister made the announcement when he visited Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

The e-passport will have an embedded chip that will contain all the biometric information of travellers. It will be used to authenticate the identities of the passport bearers. Along with the chip, the passport will have two pictures of the passport holder.

The minister had inspected the immigration counters at the airport and ordered to increase the number of immigration counters to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis. He said that the role of overseas Pakistanis is crucial for the economic development of our country.


The immigration officials also briefed the minister on immigration procedures. The minister instructed the director of the FIA-Sindh to install new counters in a maximum of two months.

“Promotion of tourism and trade are key aspects of the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan vision, and online visas will boost the tourism sector. The government is taking steps in this direction, and it will also benefit the country’s economy,” the Interior Minister said.

Along with e-passports, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed also announced the opening of more NADRA and passport offices in Karachi.