The Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, invited international journalists to Jaranwala on Thursday. The small town near Faisalabad was the site of a riot in August in which armed mobs burnt the homes and churches of the Christian community.

The visit aimed to provide the journalists with an opportunity to observe the administration’s endeavors in assisting the Christian families impacted by the tragic events of August 18.
Faisalabad Deputy Commissioner Abdullah Nayar Sheikh and CPO Muhammad Ali Zia provided an overview of the efforts undertaken to support the affected families, the process of restoring churches, and the transfer of churches to the administration.
Journalists learned that each impacted household received a financial grant of Rs2 million and had the damaged electricity and gas meters in their homes replaced.
Christian students were able to return to their educational institutions after receiving support in the form of school bags, textbooks, uniforms, and writing materials. Additionally, jobless workers from the private industrial sector were successfully rehired with the cooperation of their employers.

The visiting media reporters included representatives from the Washington Post, BBC, AFP, Arab News, Russia Today, and bureau chiefs of different international news agencies in Islamabad.