Pakistani artist Sara Shakeel shared the artwork of Noor Mukadam, a woman who was murdered by Zahir Jaffer. The case is currently under investigation.

While sharing the picture on her Instagram account, she wrote about Noor’s tragic story. “I’m sharing this story because this is the fate of our women here in my country! Unfortunately where I come from, the majority of men can’t accept the whole concept of a woman living her own life on her own terms! It scares them!”

“I pray for you, Noor! I didn’t know you were a fan of my art and followed me too! I’m sorry this happened to you! I know you are in a very good place right now! We will fight for you till the very end,” she added.


Jaffer and his parents are under custody being investigated.


Sara Shakeel is known for her glittery and Swarovski crystals’ artwork.