Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal announced on Thursday that the government is initiating the “Talented Youth Internship Program” for 30,000 graduate students who are unemployed.

The minister announced the internship would last six months and pay a monthly stipend of Rs25,000 to the youngsters while presiding over a meeting of representatives from the private sector.

He claimed that because two-thirds of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30, the future of the nation hinges on the youth acquiring meaningful education and skills.


According to Ahsan Iqbal, the Ministry of Planning’s primary responsibility is to prepare for the youth’s future, and he said that the private sector and the youth’s active participation are essential for Pakistan’s growth.

He claimed that with this scheme, 30,000 young people would have the chance to work in the industry.


The minister emphasised the necessity of putting aside differences and cooperating to end the country’s economic problems.

He said, “When there is a fire in the house, the first thing to do is to extinguish the fire. The economy of a country with a population of 220 million does not sink in 8 months.”

Every Pakistani, according to him, should contribute to the effort to end the nation’s economic predicament. “Every Pakistani citizen must support the Turnaround Pakistan Campaign.”