The iPhone 15 Pro Max with 256 GB of storage is initially priced at $1,100 in the United States, which, at the current exchange rate of Rs295, translates to approximately Rs325,000 in Pakistani rupee (PKR).

However, it’s anticipated that the cost will significantly rise in Pakistan due to additional expenses like Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) approval and retailer margins.

Given the precedent set by the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which currently retails for Rs540,000 in Pakistan, we expect the starting price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max to be around Rs555,000 or possibly even higher once local mobile shop owners import and sell them.


Apple iPhones generally have higher price tags in Pakistan due to taxes and PTA approval fees, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact cost.

Nonetheless, it’s reasonable to assume it will exceed Rs500,000, considering that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is already priced above this threshold in Pakistan.

Additionally, a Pakistani website called Phonebolee suggests an expected price of PKR 643,999 for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In terms of comparisons to India, a report by DNA India highlights the astonishing prices of iPhones in Pakistan. It notes that the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, priced over Rs7.3 lakh in Pakistan, surpasses the cost of a Hyundai Exter 5-seater SUV, which is priced at INR 5.99 lakh in India.

However, it’s important to be cautious about such comparisons, as they might not accurately reflect the actual market dynamics.

Keep in mind that the exact price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Pakistan can vary among different retailers.

Additionally, the exchange rate between the Indian rupee and the Pakistani rupee is approximately 1 INR to PKR 3.56. So, when comparing the INR 600,000 price of an SUV, it equates to approximately Rs2,136,800, or Rs2.1 million in Pakistani rupees, which is significantly higher than the expected price of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.