According to an insider known as Majin Bu, there have been reports of quality issues with some iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices right out of the box. These problems include instances where the titanium frame lacks proper colour application, and in cases where colour is present, it is not evenly distributed.

Furthermore, some of these faulty units exhibit a misalignment of the display, which doesn’t align correctly with the device’s edges.

It’s worth noting that a Foxconn employee had previously indicated that the initial batch of iPhone 15 Pro series phones might encounter issues, and it appears this prediction is coming to fruition.


Majin Bu shared additional images of defects in a subsequent tweet, showcasing display misalignments, camera lens dirt, screen scratches, and various forms of damage, including reports of bubbles and discoloured areas. These problems seem to affect units destined for the US, Chinese, and EU markets.

Another tweet features a message from a premium reseller who observed issues such as uneven gaps on the back glass, unstable OLED screens, phones arriving with long scratches, and bubbles under the glass measuring 5cm by 4cm.

While the primary concerns are centred around the Pro models, some iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus units are also exhibiting defects. Interestingly, the reseller noted that these issues were not prevalent with the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Reddit also contains a few complaints about the iPhone 15 series devices arriving in less-than-ideal condition. One user, in particular, shared their experience with an iPhone 15 Pro Max that arrived with three cracks in the rear panel, mentioning that the phone appeared loose inside the box upon unboxing.

If you happen to receive one of these defective units, it’s advisable to contact Apple promptly and arrange for a replacement. Alternatively, you could opt to wait until Apple and its manufacturing partners have addressed these assembly line issues, although it’s uncertain whether a formal public statement regarding this matter will be made.

Importantly, while these defects are disconcerting, they do not seem to affect the functionality of the affected devices. This means that while waiting for your replacement unit, you can continue to use your new iPhone without significant operational hindrances.