Recent leaks of the New iPhone 15 Pro CAD have unveiled significant design changes from Apple’s previous generations. The most discussed upgrade has now been revealed through photographic evidence.

Apple insider, Unknownz21, has shared a close-up image of what they claim to be the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 Pro, without the need for any imagination or rendering. Unknownz21 has a proven track record, having sourced an early version of iOS 14 months ahead of release.

Aside from the USB-C port, the photo also reveals an unfinished brushed material on the phone that looks similar to titanium, indicating a possible replacement for the stainless steel chassis on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. Additionally, the images display curvier edges, as previously leaked in recent iPhone 15 Pro renders.



However, there is some bad news regarding the implementation of USB-C. It is expected that the performance of USB-C will differ significantly between the iPhone 15 Pro and standard models. Furthermore, Apple is rumored to include an authenticator chip that would control the use of USB-C ports. As seen with Lightning, this would require third-party cables and accessories to pass Apple’s MFi certification program, which could limit their performance or even prevent them from working altogether. This could result in additional costs for manufacturers and customers.

Despite these potential drawbacks, 2023 is expected to be a significant year in the evolution of the iPhone. Apple is introducing changes to the chassis, display, ports, and buttons, as well as a new pricing structure that will differentiate between iPhone Pro and standard models. If you have been waiting to upgrade your iPhone, this could be the year to do so.