Apple is preparing for the highly anticipated unveiling of its iPhone 15 lineup in September. The Pro models, as customary, are expected to introduce a range of exciting new features, aiming to enhance user experience and performance.

Let’s delve into the rumoured features and changes expected for the iPhone 15 Pro models.

A17 Bionic chip


The iPhone 15 Pro models are speculated to be equipped with Apple’s latest A17 Bionic chip. This advanced chip will be manufactured based on TSMC’s 3nm process, offering improved performance and efficiency compared to its predecessor. The standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models are likely to house the A16 Bionic chip.

Titanium frame

Taking a cue from the Apple Watch Ultra, the iPhone 15 Pro models are anticipated to feature a durable titanium frame instead of stainless steel. This shift in material will enhance the device’s robustness and aesthetics.

Ultra-thin bezels

Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro will embrace ultra-thin curved bezels, similar to recent Apple Watch iterations. This design choice aims to maximise the display area, providing users with an immersive viewing experience.

Faster USB-C port

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has indicated that the iPhone 15 Pro models will incorporate a USB-C port with support for USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3. This upgrade promises significantly faster data transfer speeds when connected via cable, surpassing the capabilities of previous Lightning-based iPhones. However, it’s worth noting that the standard iPhone 15 models will likely retain the USB 2.0 speed limitation.

Wi-Fi 6E

Aligning with the latest Macs and iPad Pro, the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to support Wi-Fi 6E. This technology advancement will enable faster wireless speeds, ensuring seamless connectivity in diverse network environments.

Increased RAM

The iPhone 15 Pro models are rumored to receive a memory boost, with 8GB of RAM according to Taiwanese research firm TrendForce. In comparison, the standard models are expected to maintain the current 6GB configuration. The additional RAM will empower resource-intensive apps like Safari to retain more content in the background, preventing unnecessary content reloads upon reopening.

Action button

Speculation suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro models will introduce a customisable Action button, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. This button is anticipated to replace the long-standing Ring/Silent switch present in every iPhone since its inception. Users will likely have the flexibility to assign various system functions, including Ring/Silent, Do Not Disturb, Flashlight, Low Power Mode, and more, to this button.

Increased optical zoom for iPhone 15 Pro Max

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will incorporate a periscope telephoto lens, providing a potential optical zoom range of 5x-6x. This improvement surpasses the 3x optical zoom capability found in the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Ultra-wideband improvements

It is rumored that the iPhone 15 models will feature an enhanced Ultra-Wideband chip, known as the U1 chip. This upgrade aims to improve integration with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset. Additionally, the new chip could enhance performance and reduce power consumption for location-based functions such as AirDrop and Precision Finding in the Find My app.

LiDAR scanner improvements

The iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to incorporate a more power-efficient LiDAR Scanner supplied by Sony. This advancement could enhance 3D depth scanning performance for augmented reality (AR) applications and Night mode photography.

New dark red color

According to reports, a new dark red color option will be available for the iPhone 15 Pro models. This addition to the color palette provides users with a fresh choice to suit their personal style.

eSIM-only variants

In France, it is speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro models will be compatible with eSIMs exclusively, as reported by MacGeneration. Following last year’s removal of the physical SIM card tray in the US for the iPhone 14 models, this potential expansion indicates Apple’s continued embrace of eSIM technology.