Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo bid goodbye to vlogging as he no longer likes the format. The vlogger made the announcement in a video titled ‘I Quit‘.

Junejo said that from now on he will make videos on his terms and on his own time implying that he won’t be uploading them with the same regularity as before.

The reason behind his decision is that he got lost along the way and forgot the reason he started vlogging.


Mein ab kisi bhi event pay nahi jata, mein kisi award ceremony pay nahi jaata ,mujhe kisi bhi podcast kee invitation aati hai mein nahi jaata, mein ney Twitter chor dia hai, aur mein ney camera use karna bohat kam kardia hai ( I don’t go to any events anymore, I don’t respond to any podcast requests, I’ve left Twitter and I have stopped using the camera regularly),” said Junejo in the video.

Junejo has hidden/removed all his tweets and his Twitter bio reads, “I don’t use Twitter anymore. It’s a dark scary place.”

Junejo supported his decision by giving examples of superstars Will Smith and Anurag Kashyap, who gave up lucrative opportunities at the peak of their careers to achieve their personal goals.

All that said and done, Junejo said that he is glad that by choosing this career, he had fulfilled his wildest dreams from meeting Ronaldinho to purchasing his dream bike.