Mohsin Abbas Haider, who was only last month accused of domestically abusing and cheating on his wife, is reportedly tying the knot with Nazish Jahangir. Nazish is the same woman with whom Mohsin’s wife, Fatima, had accused of having an affair.

The speculations came to light when a fan page in a social media post referred to Nazish and Mohsin as the “Best couple soon.” Under the picture, Nazish commented, “Soon inshaAllah.”

Mohsin proceeded to like Nazish’s comments fueling rise to speculations that the two may indeed be tying the knot.


In an explosive account posted to social media on July 21, Mohsin’s wife, Fatema Sohail, had come forward with accusations of cheating and domestic abuse against the actor-singer. Fatema alleged that in November 2018, she caught Mohsin cheating on her and when she confronted him, “instead of being embarrassed he started beating” her even though she was pregnant at that time. Luckily her child survived and Fatema said that she moved past the incident for the sake of her child. She continued that her childbirth was a complicated process but Mohsin never supported her and was instead, busy having an affair with an emerging model.

At that time, Nazish had denied all the allegations and said that was being unnecessarily dragged into the couple’s marital issues. She said that the entire episode left her mentally shattered and she has no idea why Fatema dragged into this, especially because she considered Fatema to be a friend and well-wisher.

Mohsin and Fatema tied the knot in 2015. Their son Haider was born earlier this year in May.