Warning: spoilers

The latest episode of the GEO’s drama serial ‘Tere Bin’ is getting praise from fans on social media because finally, Murtasim managed to do something we’ve been aching to watch: take a stand for his wife.

The previous episodes showcased Meerab’s dismay over being treated with cruelty by Haya and Ma Begum, who regularly taunted her for her outspoken attitude, her refusal to be a submissive wife, and Haya’s attempts to drive a wedge between the couple by spying on Meerab, driving her to leave the house.


But in this episode, Murtasim is seen grieving over Meerab’s loss as he can’t find her, and Ma Begum taunts her for dishonoring the family by running away. When she suggests to Murtasim that he divorce Meerab and cut of all connection with her, he refuses to follow her commands, and declares in a powerful stand that he would keep searching for his wife, regardless of what it takes.

The episode comes right after ‘Tere Bin’ was panned for using marital rape as bait to keep viewers engaged. The serial has gone through highs and lows, becoming a fan favourite as soon as it launched, then repulsing fans, and now sucking them right back in for all the right reasons.

Let’s hope the serial stays true to its original storyline and doesn’t jump the shark again.

‘My heart is beating so fast’ one user wrote.

Many praised the fact that finally, we got the old Murtasim back who was a certified wife guy.

Other Twitter users also praised this episode for providing flashbacks to some of the best moments between Meerab and Murtasim, which helped a lot because of the angsty turn the drama had taken.