The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has convened a significant meeting in Dubai to address matters pertaining to the outsourcing of Islamabad airport. 

Sources indicate that the CAA administration has scheduled this meeting for September 26 in Dubai, extending invitations to international companies interested in participating in the outsourcing of the airport. 

This development follows the federal government’s issuance of tenders, soliciting applications for the outsourcing of Islamabad International Airport for a duration of 15 years. 


According to ARY News, the Civil Aviation Authority has stipulated that interested bidders must submit their applications, along with a Rs5,000 fee, in favour of CAA by November 8. 

Notably, the government recently made the decision to pursue the outsourcing of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad International Airports, drawing keen interest from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, China, and Saudi Arabia. 

In response to this decision, CAA unions launched a protest movement, which has persisted despite attempts at negotiation by Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad. 

The steadfast stance of CAA employees remains unwavering, with a spokesperson for the CAA Union asserting during a media address that the protest movement will persist until their demands are met.