The Islamabad High Court during a hearing against the “brutally murdering” and “poisoning” of stray dogs in Islamabad, questioned the Capital Development Authority and Islamabad Wildlife and Management, Samma has reported. The court issued the chairperson of the wildlife board and CDA in this regard.

“We have told you to formulate policies instead of barbarically killing stray dogs”, said Justice Athar Minallah, “What happened to that? How can you violate the court’s orders?” he questioned further.

“The chairperson [of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board] is directed to satisfy this court that in compliance with this court’s judgment a policy was formulated by the board so that stray dogs are not subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering. The officials shall satisfy this court why proceedings may not be initiated against officials who are responsible for violating this court’s directions,” added Justice Athar Minallah.



The petition against the killing of stray dogs was filed by Advocate Saira Mehreen Abbasi, stating that practice of killing dogs is still going on in the city despite the court’s order. In January, the CDA imposed a complete ban on shooting stray dogs in the city.