Skipping school and college has become more challenging for students in Islamabad, thanks to the Safe City Command and Control Centre’s newly launched ‘School Chalo’ campaign.

This initiative aims to locate and address students who are found outside of their educational institutions and roaming the streets or markets.

Safe City cameras recently monitored over twenty students who were absent from school and college, located in entertainment venues, markets, and suburbs. 


These students were subsequently escorted to police stations and reunited with their parents. Awais Ahmad, Capital Police Officer (CPO) Headquarters, highlighted the importance of students as the nation’s future and assured that Islamabad Capital Police would spare no effort to ensure their bright future.

The proactive approach taken by Islamabad police in locating truant students and redirecting their focus towards education is commendable.

This campaign serves as a protective measure for the youth, encouraging them to prioritise their studies and promising a brighter future instead of deceiving their parents.