With immediate effect, public transport fares in Islamabad have been reduced by 10 per cent in direct response to the recent decline in petroleum prices.  

This decision emerged following a meeting convened by the Secretary of the Islamabad Transport Authority, involving consultations with representatives from the Drivers Welfare Association as well as transportation business owners. 

This fare reduction is poised to make a significant impact, encompassing 23 distinct routes crisscrossing the capital city of Islamabad. It serves as a vital measure to alleviate the financial burden borne by commuters in the region. 


Notably, this benevolent gesture is mirrored in Lahore, where transport operators have also undertaken fare reductions for both long-haul and short-haul journeys. 

Furthermore, as part of its ongoing commitment to ease the economic challenges facing the populace amidst escalating inflation, the caretaker government took decisive action on Sunday.  

This action involved a substantial reduction in petrol price by a notable Rs40 per litre and an equally substantial reduction of Rs15 per litre for high-speed diesel (HSD) over the forthcoming two weeks.