Residents of Islamabad’s sectors G-13 and G-14 are paying private tankers up to Rs5,000 to fetch water for their homes to meet their needs during the current summer season.

Buildings and houses are being constructed in these sectors, but the availability of water continues to be a severe issue that has to be handled by the concerned authorities.

When water is only occasionally—once a week or never—given, the locals are left at the tanker mafia’s mercy. The G13 sector has been one of the most severely impacted communities.


According to The News, there was a plan to use Khanpur Dam to deliver water to these areas, but there were several obstacles, such as encroachment and the failure to acquire property for the supply lines.

The civic agency began supplying water to certain sectors via tankers at discounted prices. At its G-10 facility, there were no fees for filling private water tankers, allowing the inhabitants of these two sectors to obtain water at subsidised prices.

Since water at reduced rates was only provided once a week, eventually residents are compelled to buy water from tankers at outrageous prices.

The locals reported that they are also having issues with their schools, crumbling roads, electrical shortages, a lack of parks, filthy conditions, and a lack of health care services.