Israel’s bombing of refugee tents in Rafah on Sunday night left the world horrified. As videos and images of decapitated children, Palestinians burning alive and bodies reduced to char appeared on social media, a wave of outrage spread across the globe.

Among those who publicly spoke up were many supporters of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, including British television presenter Piers Morgan, who became a caricature of himself by continuously asking his pro- Palestinian panelists to “condemn Hamas”.

On Sunday night, he tweeted, “The scenes from Rafah overnight are horrific.
I’ve defended Israel’s right to defend itself after Oct7, but slaughtering so many innocent people as they cower in a refugee camp is indefensible.
Stop this now @netanyahu”.


Over in America, ‘free-speech activist’ Brianna Wu stopped her non-stop support of Israel to quote tweet Morgan’s tweet:
“I agree with this.

I said at the beginning that invading Rafah would be a mistake of historic proportions and would make it difficult for people to stand with Israel.

None of this is going to make anyone safer.”

As other Israel supporters scrambled to condemn the incident in Rafah, the internet was having none of it. Many reminded Piers of his complicity in the genocide.

Even Andrew Tate popped up in the replies to simply say “Told you.”