A heartbreaking video is going viral on the internet where an Israeli soldier was seen playing a guitar he stole from a Palestinian home after bombing it. The guitar belonged to Hamadah, who shared online that the guitar was gifted to him by his late father, who passed away after the 2014 Gaza attacks.

“I was shocked today when I saw this TikTok video of an IOF soldier playing guitar in the midst of the rubble in Gaza. I know this guitar very well, because there are not many guitars like this in Gaza. My dad gifted me this guitar 15 years ago. My dad died shortly after the 2014 attack on Gaza, and now they have come to take the last thing I have from him.’
Isn’t it enough that they take away our loved ones, our homes, our families, and even our music and memories? Where does the injustice stop?!”

Hamadah shared two videos where he was seen humming a melody on the guitar, and then an Israeli soldier strumming it at a bombed site.


The video has since then gotten responses with users writing they’re horrified by the brutality displayed by Israeli soldiers.

“this is actually sinister. I’ve seen countless videos of them “playing” amongst the rubble. What could be so awful inside you to push you to do that? It’s inhumane. It’s lacking compassion empathy emotions and humanity,” one user wrote.

Comedian Anees and activist Shaun King expressed their outrage over the video.