Israeli newspapers have reported that dozens of Israeli soldiers serving near Gaza border are suspected to have been infected by a skin disease known as leishmaniasis.

Anadolu Agency quotes Israeli newspaper Maariv stating that the infection results in skin lesions caused by the Leishmania parasite which leads to Rose of Jericho disease (leishmaniasis) because they have “ulcerative skin lesions”.

The parasite is transmitted through a fly’s bite which results in an “inflamed and painful lesion that does not heal”. They are, however, not life-threatening, Anadolu Agency quotes an expert.


According to an Israeli army spokesman: “Various actions to prevent Leishmania infection among the soldiers are (being) taken in various units.”

“Explanatory sheets on the subject and mosquito repellent preparations were distributed to soldiers in field units,” the spokesman said.

“All patients who suffer from suspicious symptoms are examined by a military dermatologist, receive appropriate treatment and are referred to a dedicated leishmania clinic as needed,” he added.