Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor was the center of criticism from the public when certain moments with his wife, actress Alia Bhatt, didn’t sit well with fans. Recently, the ‘Barfi’ actor went viral after Alia’s interview with Vogue where she revealed Ranbir forbade her from wearing lipstick. This attracted severe criticism from X (formerly Twitter) users who lashed out at Ranbir by labelling him a ‘red flag’ all women should avoid.

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Recently in an interview the actor, who’s the son of late star Rishi Kapoor, acknowledged the backlash, stating that he is fine with being labeled the face of toxic masculinity.


“Recently, I was reading an article about being toxic and something relating to some statement I made, and I understand. Listen, I am on your side. Whatever you are fighting against this toxic masculinity, I am on the side of people who are fighting for it. So, if they want to use me as a face, I am fine because their fight is bigger than just me feeling bad about them having an opinion on what I said,” the actor opined according to The Indian Express.

The ‘Tamasha’ actor said he accepted a long time ago he would become a part of “gossip blogs”, and further said it didn’t matter to him what critics said.

Ranbir also said him not being active on social media helps in not having to deal with the negativity that comes with being an actor “which is a great thing.”

But also, Ranbir added, his focus always remained on his work, and takes opinions about his image with a pinch of salt:

“Sometimes a lot of things are written about you as an actor, and many opinions are made, which are not necessarily true, but you have to take it with a pinch of salt. Because this image of mine, which is being created by the movies or the characters I play or by media, is something that I don’t own. It is owned by the public, it is owned by people who like or dislike my work and they are allowed to say anything as long as they give my work a chance. My focus has always been just to act.”