In May 2021, actor Sonya Hussyn stated on the chat show Time out with Ahsan Khan  that she does not know who actor Faryal Mehmood is. It is pertinent to mention here that both the actresses share a turbulent history with each other.

Faryal has now finally opened up on her equation with Sonya on Time out with Ahsan Khan by stating, ” Sonya mujhe nahi jaanti magar me usay jaanti hoon, we have been on a set together”.

The Dassi actor added, ‘Unho ne mere motapay ka mazaak udaya jub me moti thi, galat hai yeh bohat. Maine unhe call out kia and it became a mess. All of a sudden she’s stating that she doesn’t know me, it’s fine.”


She concluded on the note saying, “It’s professional jealousy, I like it, I love Sonya”.

Faryal replaced Sonya in the Faysal Qureshi, Amina Sheikh and Zahid Ahmed starrer, Sorry-A Love Story after the Saraab star opted out of it over issues with the production team.

The two leading ladies worked together in a 2015’s drama serial Farwa Ki ABC directed by Sohail Javed, Faryal was new in the industry and played a supporting role in the play headlined by Sonya.

Farwa Ki ABC - Wikipedia

The Farwa Ki ABC divas exchanged in a social media war after the drama where Sonya made fun of her appearance and upcoming project. Faryal reverted back with salty comments and asked Sonya to “Take a rickshaw to where you came from”.