People in Japan have been sending bags of rice that weigh the same as their newborn babies to relatives who are unable to visit them due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As per details, the phenomenon of “Dakigokochi”, which means rice-filled bags shaped like a baby covered in a blanket and printed with the newborn’s face and name, is becoming immensely popular among new Japanese parents amid restrictions due to the pandemic.

The price of the bag depends on the size of the baby. Some companies charge one yen a gram, with a 3.5kg pack is priced at 3,500 yen (Rs 5,207).


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Naruo Ono, the owner of Kome no Zoto Yoshimiya rice shop says they first had the idea about 14 years ago when their own son was born. “I was thinking about what I could do for relatives who lived far away and couldn’t come and see him. So we decided to make bags of rice that were the same weight and shape as the baby, so relatives could hold them and feel the cuteness.”

Ono has since started making the bags for wedding celebrations as well. The wedding rice bags became more famous than the birth ones.

“During the pandemic, the demand for them has really increased as people haven’t been able to travel to wedding ceremonies,” added Ono.