Veteran Lollywood star Javed Sheikh has seen many ups and downs in the industry. He is now opening up about some of his struggles.

Recently, he was invited as a guest on Metro Live TV’s chit chat session on YouTube. Sheikh talked about the tough times he had seen, including losing a lot of money because of his divorce from Salma Agha and missing out on a big Bollywood movie role.


“I was already divorced when I married Salma Agha, but our marriage only lasted three years. It’s a complicated story that I’ll share another time. After our divorce, there was a lot of conflict and drama. I was supposed to work on a film in India called Khoon Bhari Maang with Rekha, but I was forced to drop out. Similarly, in Pakistan, I was replaced in the film Bangkok Kay Chor by Izhar Qazi, and in India, Kabir Bedi took my place in Khoon Bhari Maang alongside Rekha. I didn’t want Pakistan’s reputation to be damaged in Bollywood, so I didn’t pursue the matter further. If I were a greedy person, I would have left Salma Agha immediately after the film.”

Javed Sheikh also said, “Salma used to take me to India and wouldn’t let me join my sets in Pakistan. As a result, many films went to other actors. She looked down on Pakistani films and didn’t let me go back to Pakistan, which led to film producers replacing me with other actors.”