A jeweller in Australia is using the remains of dead people including teeth and hair to make rings and necklaces for their grieving families. 

The 29,-year-old Jacqui Williams, owns Grave Metallum Jewellery which sells handcrafted commemorative pieces to help people deal with the loss of loved ones. 

As per reports, all pieces are created in her Melbourne studio. Williams, who said she had always been drawn to the ‘morbid’ side of life even as a child, shared some of the stranger requests her customers had made. 


‘I [was asked to use] an IUD (intrauterine device) in a piece of jewellery which I did decline due to it being plastic, and turning the bullet casing, from the bullet that a client’s grandfather shot himself with into a piece of jewellery,’ Williams said.

Jacqui Williams

The jeweller started taking interest in the grieving process when she lost her best friend a few years ago.

Williams is a strong believer that loss is easier to deal with when shared.

‘I do this work because I want to help people deal with their grief and loss as it’s something that is guaranteed for every living thing,’ Williams said. 

The custom pieces are made in almost eight weeks and prices range from $350(Rs 55,657) to more than $10,000 (Rs 1,590,201).