Journalist Iqrar Ul Hassan is well-known for his show ‘Sar e Aam,’ where he uncovers many mafias and criminals.

He has faced several disputes and was threatened and attacked many times.


Recently, Iqrar Ul Hassan has been involved in a conflict with Peer Haq Khateeb, a well-known figure who has thousands of followers for spiritual guidance. Khateeb is famous for his spiritual advice, and many people ask him for help. Videos showing what seem like him performing miracles are popular on social media. But Hassan says Khateeb is lying and that his powers aren’t real. They’ve challenged each other repeatedly.

Yesterday, Iqrar ul Hassan’s car was allegedly attacked in Gujranwala while he was on his way to a university talk. Allegedly, individuals sent by Haq Khateeb damaged his car’s windscreen and threw acid at it. Hassan has shared a video of the attack and provided his statement.

Iqrar was previously attacked while pursuing an officer, resulting in injuries. He is safe this time.

Here is what Iqrar said: