Rizwana, the 14-year-old domestic helper whose case of being subjected to severe mistreatment at the hands of a civil judge’s wife in Islamabad, has given her statement to the Islamabad police on Friday. Her case came to light on July 25 when Rizwana was transferred to a Lahore hospital due to grave injuries.

An earlier report indicated that the civil judge himself also mistreated the teenager, according to Rizwana’s grandmother.

In her official statement to the police, Rizwana detailed how the judge’s wife, Somia, used to beat her with sticks, iron rods and other objects. The minor revealed, “She used to kick and slap me in fits of anger,” adding that she would also grasp Rizwana’s hair and forcefully strike her head against the wall.


Rizwana further detailed that whenever the judge’s family left the house, she was forced to stay in a room for days without access to food or water. “I was not allowed to meet my parents. The judge’s wife stood next to me whenever I talked to my parents on the phone.”

The young girl also disclosed that Somia frequently threatened her, warning her not to inform her parents about the beatings. “They did not even bandage my wounds,” Rizwana stated.

According to the police, the civil judge hasn’t appeared before joint investigation team yet. It’s noteworthy that the civil judge was removed from his position and assigned the role of Officer on Special Duty (OSD) by the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Muhammad Ameer Bhatti.

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