The Kalash Valley is celebrating the yearly spring festival for five days.

The Kalash people are celebrating their annual Chilam Joshi holiday in the Rumbur valley of Chitral. The festival began on May 13 and will end today, May 16 2024.
The Kalasha village commemorates this event annually, which marks the advent of spring.


It is a major part of the cultural heritage of the area and draws tourists from all over the world.
Men wear traditional Shalwar Kameez with woolen waistcoats, while women wear brightly colored traditional clothing embellished with gold and silver pieces and elaborate headdresses.

Men and women from Kalash dance and sing in a circle while drum beats create a rhythm.

The Kalashi people share milk with their loved ones as a kind of prayer for the protection of their farms and livestock during this holiday.
The event, which drew a wide range of attendees, including foreign tourists as well as officials from the district administration and tourism office, was scheduled across three days.

For the festival, the district government made sure there were enough security measures in place, and the Tourism Police assisted guests.

The event, which features customary dances and ceremonies, is a joyful and exciting occasion. The Kalash people will then move their livestock to higher pastures.