Kangana Ranaut has shared senior Pakistani journalist Saleem Safi’s video from his show, in which they are talking about Kashmir, Indian journalists, political parties sympathizing with Pakistan from India.

Sharing the clip on her Instagram stories, Kangana wrote: “Listen carefully, if you don’t stand with your nation. Who will?”

In the video, Safi is asking a question to PML(N) MNA Mushahid Ullah Hussain that how will the miseries of Indian Occupied Kashmiris will end? Replying to the host, Mushahid said: “Pakistan’s role is very important in this matter. We need to take this issue in a sustained way. India is very big country and some of them are our sympathizers. There is Arundhati Roy, Mamta Bannerji, Congress Party, Communist Party, there are also Left Parties and Dalit Parties as well. every Indian is not with Modi.