The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has received high praise from the English delegation for the tight security and excellent hospitality, while stand-in skipper Moeen Ali’s post-match remark about which city has the best food has reignited the country’s never-ending debate after he said that the food in Lahore had let him down.

The cricket team from England defeated Pakistan on Sunday by a score of 67 runs, winning 4-3 and clinching the seven-match series. A journalist questioned Ali about the team’s satisfaction with the security during their visit to Pakistan and whether they had the opportunity to sample any of the cuisine while they were there during a news conference after the game.

Ali drew a distinction between Karachi and Lahore, the two cities where the matches were held, saying that the security had been “excellent” and had above their expectations.


Speaking of the food, he said, “I’ve been a little bit disappointed in Lahore, Karachi was really nice. Everything’s nice but this time I found it a little bit disappointing maybe because I lost my tastebuds a bit.”

After 17 years, the crew returned to Pakistan, and it was obvious that food was a top priority. Mark Wood, an England bowler, cited daal as one of his favourite Pakistani foods in an interview.

The one topic that may quickly transform a casual conversation between Karachi and Lahore residents into an argumentative disagreement is food. Here are some Twitter reactions: