Amidst the royal drama which has enveloped Britain, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Bradford where they went to My Lahore, a British Asian restaurant and recalled fond memories of their trip to Pakistan.

The director of the restaurant that hosted the royal couple while speaking to The News shared that Kate and William were “in love with Pakistan.” Kate also wore the earrings from Zeen for the occasion.

“The visit by Prince William and Kate Middleton was a brilliant experience for us. We were amazed to find out so much about Pakistan from them,” said Farooq. “Duchess Kate told us how she loved Pakistani people, culture and food. She was clearly missing the time spent in Pakistan.”


He added: “The Prince said the people of Pakistan are amazing and they received a great hospitality and love from the people during their busy tour of the country in October last year.”

William and Kate made kulfi and mango milkshakes at the restaurant, inspired by the historic and culturally rich city of Lahore.

Talking about their visit further, Farooq said that the royal couple wanted to visit the kitchen and took a keen interest in its operations. After going through the menu, they decided to make mango and kulfi milkshakes.

“The couple said they had enjoyed mango and kulfi milkshakes in Pakistan as well,” Farooq elaborated.

Prince William also asked about the origin of the ingredients used in their food.

“He already knew a lot about the ingredients used in Pakistani, Asian food. We told the couple that we take pride in the fact that we take inspiration from Lahore, known as the food capital of Pakistan.”

After making milkshakes at the ground floor area, the couple tasted Pakistani dishes at a private banquet above the restaurant.

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan was also present during the visit and he discussed mental health in sport and his boxing foundation with the Duke and Duchess.

The royal couple also met representatives from the UK Women’s Muslim Council and those who have taken help from the Council’s Curry Circle. The Curry Circle is an initiative that provides a two times meal for people who are homeless or struggling to feed themselves.