Khurshid Shah, senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), has extended an olive branch to embattled political opponent Imran Khan, however, there’s a catch.

“If Imran Khan let’s go of his ego and says that he is going to meet Asif Ali Zardari, then PPP will cooperate with him and bring him back into the political fold,” Shah said during a conversation with WE News.

The federal minister stressed that his party has never backed off from dialogue. “We will teach Imran about democracy and politics, we will tell him about Pakistan’s sovereignty,” Shah stated.


Accusing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman of “running away from dialogue,” the PPP leader said that Khan has never negotiated with anyone.

Pointing out that the government offered PTI a charter of democracy, Khurshid Shah recalled that Khan turned them away, terming their offer an attempt to get an NRO.

“Whoever calls PTI a political party is naive,” he told WE News.